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Looking For A Prospective Career In the Beauty Industry?

PhiBrows Training In Toronto Is Just the Thing

Enroll in a PhiBrows microblading course in Toronto! Learn from the PhiBrows professional Ecaterina Cioban, get certified by the prestigious permanent makeup academy and stand out in the PMU world.

What Are PhiBrows?

PhiBrows are a form of microblading, a manual brow tattoo technique. It is a specially designed pattern for the most natural look. PhiBrows artists use the most advanced tools and pigments on the market.

Brow tattoos nowadays are much more sophisticated. With PhiBrows microblading, clients get natural-looking eyebrows, with tattooed hair strokes that are indistinguishable from natural brow hairs.

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Here’s How to Become a PhiBrows Artist in Toronto

Since the PhiBrows technique is very popular, becoming a microblading artist in Toronto makes a great career choice.

Here’s what the path toward a PhiBrows microblading career looks like:

Step 1: Complete a PhiBrows Training in Toronto

Enroll in a microblading course Toronto and join our 2-day live workshop. You will get to learn all the theory behind PhiBrows microblading, learn how to create the most delicate hair strokes on latex and get a chance to try microblading on a live model.

The live workshop is an invaluable experience because you get the chance to talk to the Master, ask anything you want and get instant feedback on your work. 

Step 2: Continue to Learn Online and Practice

Two days of education are not enough. That’s why our students continue getting further education via a specially designed app for learning.

CraftMaster app contains videos, images, and PDFs with all the explanations and demos which will help you progress through the levels, toward your certification.

You will also practice on your own, but get all the support you need from the Master. You will communicate with your instructor and submit your homework.

Step 3: Get Certified

Once you complete all 11 levels of the online microblading course Toronto you get certified by PhiAcademy. The certification means you’ll get your own personal logo, a place on the World Artist Map and support from the Phi Artists and Masters to start your own business.

Our microblading course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to start your own successful microblading business.

Here are the upcoming training classes in Toronto.

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Why Should You Become a

PhiBrows Artist in Toronto?

PhiBrows certificate is one of the most recognized in the world
PhiBrows technique is one of the most often requested microblading techniques
• You don’t need previous experience or knowledge to enroll in our course
• You will get marketing, business and social media tips to start and promote your business
• You will be able to build international career
• You get lifetime support from PhiAcademy

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Premium Kit 3.0.

Once you take the microblading course Toronto, you will get PhiBrows Kit with all the products you need to learn microblading skill and serve your first clients.

Premium PhiBrows Kit for approximately 70 clients will be provided to you during the class. That way, you will learn how to use PhiBrows products.


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Where to Buy

PhiBrows Products in Toronto?

PhiAcademy has invested years in developing premium pigments, which are the cleanest PMU pigments on the market. The tools are developed, tried and tested by top PMU professionals.

All the PMU products you need for your business are available to get from the local supplier, the Official PhiSeller in Canada. The products are shipped from Montreal which means they will be at your doorstep at the quickest possible time.

How Much Can I Earn Doing PhiBrows in Toronto?


Here’s the average income for PhiBrows beginners. As a PhiArtist just starting out, if you charge $200 per treatment, you can earn $4000 a month with just one client per day!

PhiBrows microblading business offers financial freedom

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