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Book a permanent makeup service, enroll in a microblading course, or buy Phi products, all in Montreal!

Book a permanent makeup service, enroll in a microblading course, or buy Phi products, all in Montreal!

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PhiBrows Montreal Microblading

PhiBrows Microblading is a manual permanent makeup technique for the eyebrows. It gives perfectly natural looking, thick, full brows that last up to 2 years by drawing on extra hair strokes in the brow arch.

PhiBrows Montreal provides top microblading services, microblading courses with Master Ecaterina Cioban, and offers a wide range of Phi products.

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Permanent Makeup Services in Montreal

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Permanent Makeup Services in Montreal

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Microblading Course in Montreal

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Microblading Course in Montreal

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PhiBrows Shop Montreal

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Enhance Your Beauty with Permanent Makeup

PMU and Microblading in Montreal

Semi permanent makeup is a safe and non-invasive procedure that recreates your favorite makeup looks with natural pigments. PhiBrows Montreal specializes in permanent makeup for brows and lips, as well as PMU tattoo removal.

With this Course, you will learn 2 different techniques – Microblading & Machine Shading!

PhiBrows Microblading

The world’s most famous semi permanent brow enhancement technique! PhiBrows microblading gives you thicker brows by drawing on extra hair strokes, modifying the shape of your brows to best suit your features. Get a your-brows-but-better look that lasts!

PhiBrows Microblading + Shading

For an extra effect, microblading strokes can be combined with shading. This adds a powdery, stylish effect to the brows, while still maintaining the natural look. If you like your brows filled in for a “makeup” look, this is the perfect treatment for you!

Lip Blush

The PhiContour Lip Blush treatment gives your lips a semi-permanent pop of color. If you love the look of wearing lip makeup but want a more long-lasting solution, or want to give your lips the illusion of more volume, lip blush can give you juicy lips in the color of your choice.

Permanent Makeup Removal

In our salon, you can also get your permanent makeup tattoo removed. We offer a safe, effective and painless method of removing unwanted pigments. Once your old permanent makeup is removed, we can give you a brand new pair of brows!

Take our PhiBrows Course and Start a Profitable Beauty Career

Microblading & Shading Course in Montreal

With microblading being such a popular service, becoming a PhiBrows Artist is one of the most profitable careers you can start. Our PhiBrows Course in Montreal will teach you 2 techniques: microblading and shading.

Our 2-day live microblading classes teach you the theory behind the technique, and give you an opportunity to practice on props and even a live model. After that, you get 6 months of online support from your Master, to perfect your skill and obtain your certificate. You can start working in just a few months! Once you become a part of the PhiAcademy, you will quickly grow your business and have the opportunity for further progress.

If you can’t join our live PhiBrows Montreal course, you can take our Online Training.

Both versions of the course include a PhiBrows kit with all the supplies you need.

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Premium Kit 3.0.

Premium PhiBrows Kit for approximately 70 clients will be provided to you during the class.

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Microblading Montreal - Services, Courses and Supplies

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In our shop, you can buy all Phi tools, pigments, disposable supplies, and all the products you need for performing various Phi treatments. Shipped from Montreal, your orders will be on your doorstep in no time.

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