PhiBrows Online Microblading Course

Learn PhiBrows from home! Online Microblading Course Canada.

Learn PhiBrows from home! Online Microblading Course Canada.







PhiBrows Online Course

If you are not able to attend our live microblading training or you feel more comfortable learning at your own pace, we are happy to offer you our microblading course online. Rest assured that the online microblading course is as of high quality as one of the live classes.

Our online course is based on live training sessions and consists of 11 levels. Every level covers a specific element required to meet the PhiBrows standard.

With Our Online Microblading Course

You Will Get​

PhiBrows Premium Kit 3.0.

Phibrows Premium Microblading Kit - top quality customized kit. We hand-selected products that are best of the best used by top Masters world-wide. Valued at $1250, it includes the necessary tools to complete up to 70 clients.

CraftMaster App

Access to the Craft Master App - including video materials, guides, audio instructions and texts. As you progress, you will develop your skills and learn everything required of you to receive a PhiBrows Microblading Certification. The app enables you to communicate with the Academy whenever you want during the next 6 months, during which the candidate is required to practice, finish all the tasks and get the certificate.

You Will Learn 2 Different Techniques

Microblading & Machine Shading

By taking one online course, you will learn two eyebrow drawing techniques. In addition to the manual technique, you also get a Shading lesson, drawing eyebrows with a machine.

Learn microblading and machine shading technique

During your PhiBrows online course you will learn about:

⦁ Microblading hair-stroke techniques
⦁ Bonus Machine Shading lectures
⦁ Shaping eyebrows to the Golden Ratio
⦁ Calculating symmetry with Phi App
⦁ Equipment use and sterilization
⦁ Work area sanitation
⦁ Skin-stretching techniques
⦁ Applying pressure to the skin
⦁ Filling micro strokes with pigment
⦁ Color-matching best practices

⦁ Facial structure and proportions
⦁ Different skin types
⦁ Different hair types
⦁ Aftercare instructions
⦁ Handling client consultations
⦁ Dealing with skin problems
⦁ Proper use of anesthetics
⦁ Material use and keeping
⦁ Essential safety practices
⦁ Industry secrets & tricks

What Is

CraftMaster App?

CraftMaster is the world’s biggest online educational platform in beauty industry featuring 300+ different online courses taught by worldwide expert artists.

It is a unique, new concept of teaching and learning through online courses that cover all beauty techniques presented by artists with the latest knowledge of skills and services. Trainings delivered through the platform are including a wide range of courses from Permanent Makeup, beauty tutorials and skincare science to marketing and sales skills.

Craft Master Ecaterina Cioban

How It


Students send their work pictures, which are graded until they get and pass all levels. The application has 11 levels of microblading. Students have to pass each level, step by step in order to obtain a certificate. On completion of all 11 levels, you will receive a Certificate of PhiBrows Artist with your personal logo. This will allow you to gain access to the global microblading network and get featured on the official PhiBrows website and the World Artist Map.

Practice whenever and wherever you want with our online course!
Cost CAN$ 2,600 + TAX

What PhiBrows premium kit contains?

Included in the Microblading Online Course

premium kit 3.0.

Premium PhiBrows Kit for approximately 70 clients will be sent to you by mail.

phibrows kit

You Will Get

4 Additional Courses

Our training courses include additional courses that don’t require exam passing.

first class service
skin expert
get more clients

Learn Online,

Join Us Live!

If you start learning online and want some additional practice live, we offer you that possibility! 

If you purchase the Phibrows Online Microblading Course by Master Ecaterina Cioban, you are welcome to continue practicing live at any time in the future. It is necessary to pay the difference of CAN $ 1,250 and join us for a live training event.

Start learning online and continue live microblading course

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