Pay With Smile

Ecaterina believes everyone deserves to feel confident, especially after facing hair loss due to alopecia or cancer treatment. That’s why she offers the “Pay with Smile” service, providing complimentary microblading for those in need.

What Is the Pay With Smile Program?

Pay with Smile is Ecaterina’s way of giving back to the community by offering free PhiBrows microblading services to individuals who have lost their brow hair due to alopecia or recent cancer treatment. It’s our small gesture to restore confidence and happiness.

Who Can Apply?

If you’ve experienced hair loss from Alopecia Totalis or cancer treatment, you’re eligible to apply for our “Pay with Smile” service. Simply fill out our inquiry form below to be considered for this complimentary treatment.

Please note that health and medical exclusions apply. Ecaterina is unable to take on anyone who takes immunosuppressants as it would compromise health.

PhiBrows Microblading For Restoring Your Natural Beauty

With the Pay with Smile service, clients leave with natural, beautiful brows tailored to their unique features. PhiAcademy Master Ecaterina Cioban will decide if shading is required for the best results.

Ecaterina’s Mission: Empower Confidence One Smile at a Time

Ecaterina understands the transformative power of beauty, especially for those who have overcome significant challenges. The Pay with Smile service is more than just microblading; it’s about empowering individuals to reclaim their confidence and inner strength.

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With Ecaterina, your confidence is just a smile away!

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