PhiBrows Microblading Course Montreal

Microblading Course Montreal + BONUS Shading Lecture With PhiBrows Kit Included And 6 Months Online Support

Microblading course in Montreal

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Microblading Course Montreal

Our live microblading course in Montreal is an intensive workshop that includes 2 days of hands-on microblading training and 6 months of online support. You will work side-by-side with PhiBrows Master Ecaterina Cioban and get all the instructions and feedback you need.
We will cover all the theory and you will get to work on live models, under the supervision of the Master.

But that’s not all. This is a 2-in-1 course, which means you will get to learn the popular Shading technique completely free!


• Duration: 2 days
• Day 1 (10am-6pm): Theory
• Day 2 (10am-6pm): Practical part on latex & models


• Continuous education (up to 6 months): 12 levels of training via CraftMaster App
• Prerequisite: None
• Total Cost: $3850

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Microblading Courses in Montreal

What Will

You Learn?

We will make sure you are confident with working on clients’ skin after you complete our microblading course in Montreal. Confidence is a result of knowledge and practice and our course will leave you with no doubts about understanding the microblading technique. You will learn:

• Best way to stretch the skin;
• How to hold and move the tool properly to give natural soft curve strokes;
• How to draw eyebrows shape correctly using PhiBrows Golden Compass;
• How to measure eyebrow symmetry using the CraftMaster App;
• Correct sitting position for the best Microblading result;
• Brow Stroke Pattern: you will memorize each and every stroke in the head, body, and tail of the brows;
• Learn about skin structure and natural regeneration.

What will you learn in microblading course Montreal
start your own microblading business in Montreal

We Will Help You

Start Your Own Microblading Business

Our course includes advice from the best in the permanent makeup business, to help you start your own profitable career. Learn:

• The skills to create and run a successful business;
• How to professionally talk to your clients to establish their trust;
• How to practice safety and sterilization;
• How to boost your income up to 10 times what you’re earning now.

Benefits of Live Microblading Course in Montreal

What Does It Mean To

Be A Part Of PhiAcademy?

After completing our live training and 12 steps of an online course, you are given a certificate and you become a member of the prestigious PhiAcademy.

What does it mean to be Phi certified?

• Our certificate is one of the most recognized in the world;
• Our artists are most wanted;
• PhiBrows technique is one of the most often requested microblading technique;
• After finishing our course, you are client-ready;
• You will learn how to start and grow your own business;
• You will be able to build an international career;
• You get lifetime support from our academy.

Be a part of PhiAcademy team in Montreal


Premium Kit 3.0.

Each student of Ecaterina’s training receives a PhiBrows Professional Microblading Kit. The kit is enough for approximately 70 clients. The kit has over 50 individual pieces and includes:

• Blade and Shade Disposable Tool 30pcs
• Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit 1pc
• PhiBlade U 304 50pcs
• PhiWipes Asept 5pcs
• PhiWipes Makeup Remover 5pcs
• Skin Candy After Care Balm 10ml 1pc
• Skin Candy Anti Shock 1 10ml 1pc
• Skin Candy Anti Shock 2 10ml 1pc
• Skin Candy Sun Sweat Protection After Care Cream 10ml 1pc
• Skin Candy Scar Coverage Gel 10ml 1pc
• Skin Candy Monodose Balm 50pcs
• PhiBrows Brown 1 SUPE Pigment 5ml 2pcs
• PhiBrows Brown 2 SUPE Pigment 5ml 2pcs


• PhiBrows Brown 3 SUPE Pigment 5ml 2pcs
• PhiBrows Golden Brown SUPE Pigment 5ml 2pcs
• PhiBrows Fox SUPE Pigment 5ml 1pc
• PhiBrows Yellow SUPE Pigment 5ml 1pc
• PhiBrows Black SUPE Pigment 5ml 1pc
• PhiBrows Red SUPE Pigment 5ml 1pc
• Stroke Marker 10ml 1pc
• PhiGlow Holder 1pc
• BB Compass 1pc
• Scissors and Tweezers 1pc
• Mirror 1pc
• Sunglasses 1pc
• PhiBrows Drawing Pencil Set 2pcs

All the products inside the kit are official PhiBrows products used by certified professionals (artists and masters), who use them to perform regular microblading treatments.

Learn Online,

Join Us Live!

If you purchase the PhiBrows Microblading Training Online, you are welcome to continue practicing live at any time in the future. Joining our live workshop will give you additional knowledge and experience of working on live models. It is only necessary to pay the difference in price and join us for a live training event!

Start learning online and continue live microblading course

Price and Payment

Full Price CAN $3 850

Payment options:

1. Full payment option – pay for the all at once. This will automatically register you for the training course and secure your place.

2. Deposit option – pay an initial fee (deposit payment). The remaining sum needs to be paid 1 WEEK BEFORE YOUR TRAINING STARTS.

After you complete the payment for your training, you can expect to hear from us within 48 hours (during workdays). We will contact you as soon as we confirm your payment. You will most likely receive an email confirming your successful registration for the training.

Please, contact us for Financing options.


We accept the following payment methods:

– Credit Card – We accept most credit cards issued in Canada, including Visa, MasterCard, etc. When choosing this method of payment along with our deposit option you will be required to pay the remaining sum one week before the start of training.

– E Transfer – Available only in Canada. In case you require more information please visit their official website. When choosing this method of payment along with our deposit option you will be required to pay the remaining sum one week before the start of training.

– Cash – We accept cash. When you choose this method of payment we require you bring the remaining sum of cash no later than on the day of the training (before it starts) to complete the payment.

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Microblading Course Montreal Looks Like

What Is


People fell in love with this technique, because it is currently the most advanced form of getting perfect eyebrows. It saves them from wasting time on doing their brows every morning and worrying whether they will still look good after a couple of hours.
Microblading is done with a manual blade. Small incisions are made in the skin, then filled in with pigment. Microbladed hair strokes imitate natural hairs and the reason for the popularity of the treatment is that it looks so natural. Also, it is very low-maintenance, but it is semi-permanent. Microblading lasts up to 2 years.

Future Opportunities

In The PhiAcademy


Artist is every person who has previously been a PhiBrows Student and successfully passed Craft Master application training. Each Artist obtains a certificate, logo with the unique number, introduction to the PhiBrows map on the website.


Anyone who has been an Artist for at least 6 months, who is active on social networks and groups and whose works have been noticed by many Craft Masters can become a Royal Artist. To apply for the position of a Royal Artist, a student should send 5 of their best works to our team at


Master Assistant is an active and experienced Royal Artist who assists Craft Masters in their trainings as a help to students during their practical work, but he/she can also teach a part of theoretical class. He/she can access the lectures in the Craft Master application and support the students to pass the levels and advises students on how to advance at the Academy.


Craft Master’s job is to teach students according to PhiAcademy rules and the Craft Master application and guide them to pass all the levels and obtain the certificate. Craft Masters appointed by Branko Babic can make their own Craft Masters.


Craft Master who has more than 100 certified students within one year and who has been a Craft Master for more than a year can become a Grand Master.
Each Craft Master can become a Grand Master if he/she creates his/her recognizable technique or significantly contributes to the development of the existing techniques. Also, each Craft Master who introduces a new technique into the CraftMaster application can become a Grand Master if he/she proves that he/she has created that technique. Grand Master is allowed to appoint his/her own Craft Masters based on the Craft Master application system, his/her Students, Royal artists, Craft Masters, etc.

What People Say About Us?

Student Testimonials

PhiBrows Master Ecaterina Ciobana

Meet Master

Ecaterina Cioban

Master Ecaterina Cioban is on the list of the most successful PhiBrows masters in the world and the best microblading artist. She had been working as an esthetician and makeup artist for years but decided to transition towards a more lucrative career.

She now holds the best PhiBrows training sessions worldwide, helping her students build their own careers and become as successful as she is.
“Invest in your future! Be ready to conquer the microblading world and build your own empire.”

important things you should know

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our course in Montreal is suitable for beginners as well as for those who already have some skills and want to improve them.

Our groups include 6 to 12 people. Small groups enable the Master to commit to every student and give proper feedback and advice.

After the live event, you need to complete 12 steps of online training. You are given up to 6 months to do that. Most students finish it much earlier. It all depends on your commitment and how much time you spend practicing.

No, we will provide a model for you. Our live course includes practicing on live models under the supervision of the Master.

The live part of the workshop is 2 days long. It starts at 10am and ends at 6pm on both days. After that, you will continue to practice at home and communicate with the Master through CraftMaster App until you receive your certification.

Our microblading training in Montreal is carefully structured to provide you with enough knowledge and practice to be job-ready after receiving your certificate. You will get business and marketing tips during the training, to help you start your own business. Also, expect full support from your Master after the course.

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