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What Makes SUPER PhiBrows Pigments Better Than Other Microblading Pigments in Canada?

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PhiBrows SUPER pigment collection is PhiAcademy’s revolutionary innovation when it comes to perfecting the microblading pigment consistency. The pigments are rich and thick – perfect for manual brow tattoos.

Plus – they’re as close as it gets to the perfect formula! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Before we get into what makes SUPER PhiBrows Pigments better than other microblading pigments in Canada, we should first discuss why having such high-quality pigments is necessary if you want to provide your clients with the best possible results.

Why You Need to Invest in Quality PMU Supplies

If you want satisfied clients that will bring in new ones – you need to ensure reviews are all about their satisfaction being met. This will ensure positive word-of-mouth referrals and contribute to a more long-term successful PMU career.

And when it comes to the microblading industry, you can’t provide quality results without using quality products.

This is when PhiAcademy steps in. Their goal is to reach the perfect pigment formulation, one that is completely pure.

They’ve been working towards their goal for quite some time, and they’ve nearly reached it with their latest and most advanced PhiBrows pigments line: PhiBrows SUPER Pigment.

SUPER PhiBrows Pigments Set

Why SUPER PhiBrows Pigments Are So Great

The philosophy of the PhiBrows pigments formula is quite simple: Each line is the perfected version of the last.

The SUPER PhiBrows pigments are non-magnetized and bioinert, which means the body doesn’t recognize pigment as a foreign matter and doesn’t resist it, ensuring durability.

Bioinert coating of the pigment prevents the release of any toxic substances from the material it coats.

The formula is also free from any heavy metals. In fact, it’s very stable and extremely clean, almost completely pure. This means that there’s no discoloration or unattractive fading – it heals very true to color and provides the best possible pigment retention.

It’s got a creamy, thick texture so it’s very easy to work with. And, on top of that, the pigment’s purity actually speeds up the healing and ensures the safety of your clients.

Micropigmentation Microblading

But while we’re discussing the PhiBrows pigments’ characteristics, let’s also do a quick overview of the previous versions of their microblading colours:

SUP PhiBrows Pigments

The first line of PhiAcademy microblading pigments that became a huge success in Canada and worldwide. It provided Canadian artists something they lacked – a reliable pigment they can trust.

It’s safe to say that SUP is gradually taking a backseat as more artists opt for the superior options offered by SUPE and SUPER.

Still, it’s worth mentioning because back when it first came out, this PhiBrows microblading pigment formula truly made its mark as a game-changer on the market!

However, being formulated quite some time ago, the SUP line does have certain characteristics and ingredients that newer formulations have surpassed.

So although it used to be top-notch, there was definitely room for improvement. And the improvement is noticeable in SUPE and SUPER.

SUPE PhiBrows Pigments

The PhiBrows SUPE was a significant upgrade from the SUP pigments. They figured out a way to make the yellow pigment, which tends to be unstable and turn grayish or reddish, way more stable.

So this collection provided pigments much more stable than the earlier versions of PhiBrows pigments, which is great since that means it can prevent weird color changes as the pigmentation fades.

On top of that, this line also introduced another novelty: their new, tube packaging that’s super easy to use, giving artists more control over dosing.

PhiBrows microblading pigments SUPE

SUPE PhiBrows Pigments Set

Why SUPER PhiBrows Pigments Are the Best Microblading Pigments in Canada

Even though there is a huge range of different pigments available, we can safely say that the SUPER PhiBrows pigments are the best microblading pigments in Canada. Here’s why:

They Pass All Safety Tests

Microblading regulations in Canada can vary depending on the province or territory, as each region may have its own specific guidelines and requirements.

In most areas, microblading is considered a form of tattooing, so regulations also cover the materials used during the procedure.

Certain provinces may have specific guidelines for the types of microblading pigments in Canada allowed in microblading, focusing on safety and quality.

In general, Canadian regulations are more strict than in many other parts of the world, ensuring only the best practices are allowed. Adhering to these regulations and industry standards is crucial.

Quality PMU supplies typically comply with safety guidelines, protecting both clients and artists from potential legal issues. So using top-notch products like SUPER pigments ensures you’re on the safe side.

And we definitely consider this to be one of the most important perks of what makes SUPER PhiBrows pigments better than other microblading pigments in Canada.

According to PhiAcademy, SUPER PhiBrows pigments:

  • Contain no forbidden substances
  • Do not contain heavy metals above the required limit
  • Do not contain free amines above the required limit
  • Are REACH compliant

Just the fact that they’re REACH compliant is enough to back the claim of their safety and make them suitable for use in Canada.

Just keep in mind to check with local health authorities or regulatory bodies for the latest information on microblading regulations, as rules can change over time.

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No Red Fading

One of the things artists in Canada and worldwide love the most about SUPER PhiBrows pigments is that they are balanced out to prevent red fading over time. They keep their tone neutral, leaning more to the cooler side.

Mess-Free Application

The creamy formula makes the SUPER PhiBrows pigments superior to many other brands available in Canada.

The thicker consistency prevents excessive running and smudging during manual application, which is a downside of more liquid formulas.

Final Note

In conclusion, choosing quality PMU supplies is a wise investment for any professional PMU artist. It ensures client safety, delivers superior and long-lasting results, builds trust and reputation, as well as enhances efficiency, and ensures compliance with industry standards.

By prioritizing quality, you can elevate your craft and thrive in a competitive and rewarding industry.