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PhiAcademy Master Ecaterina Explains: What Is PhiBrows Microblading?

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In the world of constantly evolving permanent makeup techniques, brows are still taking center stage and microblading is still one of the most popular options among both clients and artists.

We’re here today to talk about PhiBrows microblading technique and who better to introduce us to it than PhiAcademy Master Ecaterina Cioban?

Read on to discover what sets PhiBrows apart from traditional microblading as Ecaterina reveals the secrets of this advanced approach. We’ll ensure you leave with valuable insights on how to get those flawless, natural-looking PhiBrows.

Explaining the Fundamentals of Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow enhancement that recreates the look of eyebrows by drawing on additional hair strokes. A microblading artist uses a thin blade to open the skin up in thin, shallow scratches and implements cosmetic pigments into them.

The skin heals, and the marks left give the illusion of eyebrow hairs. The effect can be recreating entire eyebrow arches, or filling in sparse areas for more volume.

Understanding PhiBrows Microblading

The PhiBrows Microblading technique was developed by Branko Babić, the biggest name in brows globally. It’s a specialized method of brow enhancement that involves using microblades to insert pigment into the skin, mimicking the natural appearance of eyebrow hairs.

By drawing shallow strokes along the natural hair growth direction, PhiBrows Microblading achieves a more natural-looking result.

What Are the Differences Between PhiBrows and Microblading?

These two techniques are indeed similar but with a few significant differences. PhiBrows are proven to produce results on every skin type, making this technique versatile and suitable for all skin types. This sets it apart from microblading, which is not recommended for individuals with oily skin.

PhiBrows Microblading also distinguishes itself from traditional microblading techniques by its emphasis on precision and attention to detail, as well as its focus on achieving realistic results.

PhiBrows artists meticulously map out the correct brow shape an exceptional job with color matching to suit each client’s unique features. This allows them to create fully customized and harmonious eyebrows that complement the client’s facial structure.

Why Choose PhiBrows?

PhiAcademy Master Ecaterina highlights the key differentiator of PhiBrows: creating natural-looking eyebrows that perfectly complement each client’s face.

“What sets PhiBrows apart is its ability to create eyebrows that look like they belong,” she explains. This is achieved through the meticulous process of PhiBrows microblading, where “the precision and attention to detail ensure that each client receives a tailored and natural-looking result.”

Ecaterina further emphasizes the artist’s expertise: “The difference is the technique, the skills, and the knowledge of the artist.” This translates into the final result: “There is a space in between strokes, there is a structure, and there’s the head of the brows, it’s just so precise.”

But it’s not just about freehand artistry; PhiBrows incorporates scientific precision.

“It’s very important as well, the way we shape eyebrows. Shaping in PhiBrows is done with a golden ratio tool that helps artists create specific brow shapes for each type of face.”, Ecaterina explains. “We calculate the distance so we build the brow for each client; everyone has their own measurements so we don’t do the same shape on everybody, and the colors are tailored to each client as well.”

phiacademy bb compass for eyebrow mapping

PhiAcademy BB Compass

Phibrows Golden Ratio Divider for ezebrow mapping

Phibrows Golden Ratio Divider

PhiBrows Are Exclusively Done by Certified PhiAcademy Artists

Phibrow Artists are top performers in the field and produce high-quality work.

A PhiBrows Master spends years earning their title, proving one’s attention to detail, and requiring a high level of talent and dedication.

Most academies offer only 1-2 day courses with little opportunity to work on live models or receive one-on-one help from a Master. In contrast, PhiBrows provides a comprehensive and rigorous program that produces top artists worldwide.

“The difference is the technique, the skills, and the knowledge of the artist. It requires a lot of practice to be able to graduate as a PhiBrows microblading and permanent makeup artist. There are so many steps to follow, and 12 levels to be passed. You do not get certified until your work gets to perfection and even after that you have to do a lot of additional work” – Ecaterina Cioban

PhiAcademy Artists Use the Best-Quality PhiBrows Pigments

Last but not least, PhiBrows Pigments stands out for their exceptional quality! They are constantly refined, ensuring color stays true and avoiding heavy metals. Their vegan and cruelty-free formula prioritizes safety, with no reported allergic reactions in over a million procedures worldwide.

PhiBrows SUPE and SUPER pigments are so versatile they excel in both microblading and machine techniques, offering artists precise strokes and true-to-color healing. The cleanest pigments in the world let artists like Ecaterina deliver safe, long-lasting results with minimal changes.

“The pigment is so important, so all of the Phibrows pigments are organic, meaning that they never turn red. There is zero metal in the pigment. Simply, perfect!” – Ecaterina Cioban

PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Collection SUPER

PhiBrows SUPER Microblading Pigment

PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Collection SUPE

PhiBrows SUPE Microblading Pigment

PhiAcademy Master Ecaterina’s Advice for Aspiring PhiBrows Artists

In the world of microblading, a steady hand and a keen eye are just the beginning. PhiAcademy Master Ecaterina emphasizes the importance of perseverance and a commitment to learning.

She added one more valuable piece of advice: “Don’t be afraid of failing! Many people are afraid of losing their reputation. However, when you’re just starting, you don’t have a reputation to lose. It’s important to practice, be patient, and focus on doing good work. Clients will come with time. It’s crucial to have a good mentor who can provide a strong foundation. Once you have a solid base, you can progress further.”

By embracing the inevitable learning curve and surrounding yourself with experienced mentors, aspiring PhiBrows microblading artists can set themselves up for long-term success.