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PhiBrows Microblading Healing Process – What Your Clients Need to Know

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Microblading is one of the most popular brow enhancement treatments around the globe – and rightfully so. The results microblading can offer your clients are life-changing and especially for those who suffer from any form of hair loss.

However, to truly enjoy the beauty of microbladed eyebrows, clients must go through a sometimes time-consuming healing process. To make the whole thing easier for them, it is important for you as a PhiBrows microblading artist to understand this journey and explain it to your clients in the best way possible.

Luckily, we’re here to help! Let’s take a look at microblading healing day by day, and what are the key takeaways to share with your clients.

Microblading Healing Day by Day

Day 1-3: The Initial Healing Stage

The beginning of the microblading healing process can be quite tough for your clients as their eyebrows appear much darker than they expected. During the first few days post-procedure, the natural oxidation process occurs which is the main culprit for those darker than I opted for results.

Your clients may also experience slight swelling or redness. In fact, more than 80% of clients experienced mild to moderate swelling during this period of time. You should reassure them that this is a normal part of the healing process and an indicator that everything is healing properly.

microblading healing journey

Day 4-7: The Scabbing Stage

Your clients may notice their brows starting to itch and scab nearing the end of the first-week post-procedure. This is a critical point in the healing journey, and it’s important to remind your clients not to pick at the scabs. Picking at scabs can intervene with the healing process and potentially remove pigment from the skin.

Day 8-10: The Fading Stage

A week into the healing process, your clients may notice some pigment ghosting or that their brows have completely disappeared. But, this is nothing to be worried about, as the pigment will reappear once it settles into the skin. Since their concern might be peaking at this stage, it’s on you to reassure them, and even double-check how their healing process is going.

Day 28-42: End of Healing

Once the color of their eyebrows has reappeared and stabilized, the healing stage of their microblading journey is over. The skin is also fully healed at this point, so make sure you educate your clients on proper care after healing and when is the best time to get a touch-up.

Key Takeaways

Every person’s microblading healing journey may vary due to factors such as skin type, age, and the aftercare routine they chose to follow.