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PhiAcademy’s New PMU Pigments: Permanent Makeup Artists Reviews

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Every PhiAcademy PMU artist is now bursting with excitement to share the incredible launch of 22 brand-new PMU pigments!

Combining top-of-the-line, high-quality ingredients with vibrant colors, PhiAcademy’s experts developed a revolutionary formula for machine hair strokes, lip blush, permanent eyeliner, or to use as a mix shader.

Is it time to upgrade your pigments? Let’s dive deeper into the new PMU pigments and hear what PhiAcademy Masters say after testing.

The Rise of Machine Stroke and the Demand for New PMU Pigment Formulas

The machine stroke technique has gained immense popularity among PMU artists in the past few years, marking a significant trend in the industry. Largely inspired by innovation and the urge to lead the way, artists constantly reinvent their skills to set the bar to new heights – so they need equipment and supplies that can keep up.

As a market leader in PMU innovation, PhiAcademy has already catered to this need by introducing a new PMU machine with a series of advanced features (coming soon!) and a specialized line of pigments designed specifically for this technique.

We don’t think any other brand has ever launched pigments made specifically for machine strokes, so this is a true industry revolution! So, let’s break down those 4 new formulas:

Hair Stroke Pigments Formula: Consistent Fading

PhiAcademy’s new Hair Stroke PMU pigments are formulated with cutting-edge Fusion Black pigment technology. This unique blend combines iron oxide and carbon black, ensuring a consistent color that resists unattractive fading over time. Additionally, the wide variety of shades caters to all skin tones and types, making perfect brows achievable for everyone!

Rich Mocha PMU Hair Stroke Pigment

Sweet Cinnamon PMU Hair Stroke Pigment 10ml

Sweet Cinnamon PMU Hair Stroke

PMU Lip Pigments for Every Preference

PhiAcademy offers a wide range of customizable lip pigments, crafted with both purely inorganic and hybrid organic-inorganic blends.

Inorganic types of pigments have larger particle sizes and take longer to deposit into the skin and as a result, they are more forgiving and will fade at a faster rate. Therefore, they are great for beginner artists, or for clients who want less commitment to the color and shape.

For clients who are seeking a little bit more color brightness, opacity, and longevity the hybrid organic-inorganic blends are the right choice. So, no matter the desired aesthetic, every client can achieve their perfect lip blush with PhiAcademy’s new range.

Enigmatic Whisper PMU Lip Shader Pigment 10ml

Enigmatic Whisper PMU Lip Shader

Cherry Crash PMU Lip Shader Pigment 10ml

Cherry Crash PMU Lip Shader Pigment

Mix Shader PMU Pigments For Endless Creativity

Mix Shader PMU pigments are a game-changer for PMU artists! These pigments are mostly purely organic or purely inorganic and come in a range of versatile color options. The blending process of the mix shader pigments allows the combination of the best attributes of both pigment types.

The hybrid pigment results can achieve a balance of the inorganic, natural-looking with the organic elements like durable results, striking vibrancy, and depth of color. Such versatility ensures that every enhancement is both safe and beautifully aligned with individual PMU treatment goals.

Arctic Frost PMU Mix Shader Pigment

Bold Scream PMU Mix Shader Pigment 10ml

Bold Scream PMU Mix Shader Pigment

Bold or Delicate Eyeliner: The Choice is Yours

PhiAcademy recognizes that clients have different eyeliner preferences and want different effects. That’s why they’ve introduced two new eyeliner pigments: Black Moon and Galactic Black.

Black Moon utilizes a purely inorganic formula, derived from natural minerals, for more muted tones. This pigment is ideal for those seeking a dramatic effect because inorganic types of pigments reflect less light and are more opaque, but also slightly faster fading.

Galactic Black offers a hybrid blend, providing both vividness and extended durability.

Either way, you now have rich, customizable eyeliner colors that maintain their intensity over time.

Black Moon PMU Mix Shader Pigment 10ml

Black Moon PMU Eyeliner Pigment

Galactic Black PMU Mix Shader Pigment 10ml

Galactic Black PMU Eyeliner Pigment

Ecaterina’s Insights on the New PMU Pigments

PhiAcademy Master Ecaterina Cioban had the honor to be a guest at the May 2024 Meetup & Workshop and be among the first to try all the new products from PhiAcademy – including the revolutionary PMU pigments, she wants to share her excitement and experience with all of the PMU enthusiasts.

She loved all the innovation, and her enthusiasm is contagious! Ecaterina highlights a special formula for hair strokes that allows for “super thin crispy hair strokes,” perfect for achieving the most natural-looking brows. In addition, the new range offers beautiful colors for lips and eyeliner, as well as mixing shaders too, so customization is now easier than ever.

Positive Reviews from Fellow PMU Artists

It’s not just Ecaterina who’s excited! Here’s what other prominent PMU artists particularly liked about the new Phi pigments:

  • The pigments’ consistency, praising how they don’t require multiple passes, unlike some previous options.
  • Some artists are impressed with the range of colors for lips and brows and the success of these pigments.
  • Others are simply stunned by the quality and vibrancy of the pigment colors and find them incredibly smooth and enjoyable to work with.

These are just a few of the many positive reactions circulating within the PMU community. It’s clear that PhiAcademy has truly outdone itself with this launch!

Ready to Experience the Difference?

Ecaterina, along with many other PMU artists, is impressed with PhiAcademy’s new pigments. Their innovative formulas, extensive color ranges, and focus on artist creativity make them a true game-changer in the PMU world.