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How Much Does Phi Brows Training Cost in Canada?

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Learning the craft of microblading is quite appealing since it provides a route to a successful career without the need for extensive education – you can take a course without prior experience in beauty.

When considering a training course, the cost is often a key factor. People naturally want to make a wise investment so they receive the most value for their money.

While the Phi Brows training cost may not be low, rest assured, it reflects the quality and comprehensive nature of the training provided. We can guarantee that you’ll get much more than you pay for.

Here’s what’s included in the Phi Brows training cost.

Complete Theory & Practice on Live Models

Ecaterina’s live Phibrows microblading course is an intensive workshop that includes 2 days of hands-on microblading training.

The first part of live training is about the theory, basically, everything you need to know before mastering how to create hair strokes with a microblade.

And the second day is the practical part. You will work side-by-side with PhiBrows Master Ecaterina Cioban. She will be there to guide you, so you will get all the instructions and feedback you need.

Most importantly, you will get the chance to practice on live models!

You will learn how to position yourself and find the right pressure, which is a very important part of learning the skill.

Rest assured – there’s no need to worry about finding and bringing your own

BONUS Shading Lesson

If you decide to enroll in Phi Brows microblading training, you’ll get to learn another technique – machine shading. For all of those clients who like to add some shade to their microbladed eyebrows, machine shading is a highly useful skill.

So with this extended phibrows training, you’re actually learning to do two treatments – microblading and combo brows – and you can expand your service offer once you start working.

Six Months of Support from Ecaterina

After two days of in-depth live training, you’ll have direct communication with Master Ecaterina. You’ll send your work to get feedback via the CraftMaster app, she’ll be there throughout your journey to becoming a certified professional.

4 Additional Courses for Free

In her PhiBrows microbalding training program, Ecaterina will be covering essential techniques such as the best way to stretch the skin, holding and moving the tool for natural strokes, and creating symmetrical shapes using the PhiBrows BB Compass.

You’ll also learn about brow stroke patterns, skin structure, and more.

Plus, Ecaterna provides business training to help you establish trust with clients, ensure safety and sterilization, and boost your income up to 10 times. Needless to say, you will get all the possible information to kickstart your successful microblading career.

Phi Brows training cost: 4 additional free courses

Premium Supplies for up to 70 Clients

It’s such a relief to receive a kit that has everything you need to learn and practice! You don’t need to search through products and make your own purchases because everything is ready for you in one luxurious box, which clears up confusion and saves you time.

There are enough materials in each PhiBrows premium kit to complete up to 70 clients, so you will have plenty of space for learning, practicing, and serving your first clients.

Included in the Phi Brows training cost, the premium kit is a worthwhile bonus, valued at roughly $1,200 in total. The PhiBrows kit will be sent to you by mail.

Here’s what comes in the Phibrows Premium Kit 3.0.

Phibrows Premium Kit 3.0. microblading kit

CraftMaster App

The PhiBrows training cost includes access to the world’s biggest online education platform in the beauty industry featuring 300+ different online courses taught by worldwide expert artists. All you need to become an expert PhiBrows microblading master!

The CraftMaster App is what you use to learn, turn in assignments, and get in touch with the Ecaterina or the academy. Additionally, you have up to six months to finish the course – more than enough, considering that most students do it sooner!

craftmaster app ecaterina cioban


Yes, the Phi Brows training cost includes PhiApp, one of the most advanced mapping and brow measuring apps. It is the ideal tool for making sure your eyebrows are even and symmetrical.

Additionally, PhiApp offers you limitless Dr. Phi support for all the basic medical advice you require. The best part is that access is unlimited, which is why Phi artists adore it so much.

Pigment Calculator App

One of the most difficult subjects for students learning microblading is color theory. The Phi Brows training cost in Canada includes unrestricted access to the Pigment Calculator App to assist you in learning how to select the ideal pigment hue for various clients.

With the use of this program, you can quickly determine the ideal color for every client. Based on the skin type, natural hair color, or the color of the previous permanent makeup, it will suggest which pigments to blend.

PhiAcademy Certificate & Support from the Whole Community

Upon finishing all 12 levels on the CraftMaster App, PhiAcademy certifies you.

You will receive a location on the World Artist Map and your unique logo. But not just that, you’ll get all the support and assistance of your Phi colleagues. If there’s one thing PhiAcademy is famous for, it’s their team spirit and sense of community – with Phi, you’re never alone, as your fellow artists are always there to help you grow.

microblading certification Canada after PhiBrows microblading course by Ecaterina Cioban

Great Return on Your Investment

Alright, let’s do some math! The PhiBrows live training with Premium Kit included is CA$ 3,850. In Canada, a microblading procedure typically costs around CA$ 500. You will bill the beginner’s pricing for the treatment when you first start working which is a bit less than the typical price.

However, with just one weekly treatment, you can recoup your investment in two months or less, even if you charge significantly less than the average price. Additionally, the Premium package you receive throughout the training will suffice in the beginning, saving you money on supplies.

In Summary

Now that you know what is included in the Phi Brows training cost, you can see why these instruction sessions are so well-liked and why the majority of Phi students become successful microblading artists after receiving their certification.

Be sure that you’ll receive exceptional value for your money because PhiAcademy is dedicated to laying the groundwork for future prosperous businesspeople.