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Micropigmentation Eyebrows: 3 Most Popular Styles

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In the realm of permanent beauty treatments, micropigmentation for eyebrows (also known as eyebrow tattoos) has emerged as a range of revolutionary techniques.

Permanent eyebrow pigmentation methods gained popularity quickly, as it was the perfect solution to putting on makeup daily.

The eyebrow tattoo procedure is completely customizable, making it suitable for your individual preferences and face shape.

In this article, we will explore the 3 most popular styles for micropigmentation eyebrows, differentiating specific characteristics and the procedure of each style. Let’s begin!

What Is Eyebrow Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is also known as cosmetic tattooing, which is the process of inserting special PMU pigments just beneath the skin’s surface.

Micropigmentation of eyebrows involves the use of a specialized device to deposit pigment into the upper layers of the skin, replicating the look of individual brow hairs and/or filling in sparse parts between the actual hairs.

This process, however, can be done with a few different methods.

It can be done with a manual tool – which is what microblading micropigmentation is, or it can be done with a PMU machine – which are essentially eyebrow shading techniques, and they’re used to achieve that powdery brow effect.

Depending on the technique, the results can be very natural and look like real hair strokes or they can be bold and makeup-y.

Here’s one example of micropigmentation eyebrows before and after:

what is eyebrow micropigmentation

No matter the choice, all three styles share the same benefits – they’re long-lasting, very low maintenance, and the ultimate time-saver!

But – let’s focus on the differences between these micropigmentation eyebrows techniques.

Micropigmentation Microblading

First up, let’s start with the oldest and fan-favorite technique: microblading.

Microblading micropigmentation is done by making tiny incisions with a hand-held tool with a blade made of ultra-fine needles to create hair-like strokes. These strokes mimic the look of actual brow hairs, resulting in realistic-looking eyebrows.

This micropigmentation eyebrows technique is great for filling in sparse areas and providing a defined shape. So if you want to have enhanced but natural thick brows, book your microblading session with one of the most experienced micropigmentation artists in Canada here.

Micropigmentation Microblading

Micropigmentation Powder Brows

On the opposite spectrum of brow tattoo styles, we have micropigmentation powder brows. This technique is done with a machine needle that deposits pigments in countless tiny dots, so there are no strokes.

The results are meant to fake the look of wearing eyebrow powder or pomade. So they aren’t as natural looking as microblading, but they don’t have to be super makeup-y either.

Powder brows also have a sub-style, micropigmentation ombre brows. This is a type of brow that starts off lighter and darkens as it nears the tail.

Also – machine micropigmentation eyebrows are considered to be a better option for oilier skin types as the pigment deposited in tiny pixels doesn’t bleed as much.

micropigmentation powder brows

Hybrid Micropigmentation Brows

But what about those that want both? Well, the good news is there are also hybrid micropigmentation brows (aka combo brows) – a technique that utilizes both hair strokes and combines them with the powdery effect.

This brow usually has hair strokes towards the beginning of the brow, while it starts becoming a bit heavier toward the end, achieving a slight ombre effect.

But if that’s not your thing you can also opt to do the whole brow with fake hair strokes and small pixels. That’s the beauty of eyebrow tattoos – they can be totally customized!

You can discuss the results you want to achieve with your artist during the consultation. Book your brow shading appointment here and start today!

hybrid micropigmentation brows

So, Which Technique Is the Best Choice for You?

There are several factors that go into deciding which kind of eyebrow tattoo you should get.

First, you need to consider the specific brow look you want to achieve.

Do you prefer a more structured and defined brow or a softer, more natural appearance?

Also, take into consideration your skin type and any existing skin conditions.

Powder brows micropigmentation may be a better choice for individuals with oily or sensitive skin Microblading is considered more suitable for people with drier skin.

But most importantly – get a professional’s opinion.

You can book a free consultation with a master brow micropigmentation artist, Ecatarina Cioban, to discuss your goals and expectations.

Micropigmentation Eyebrows 3 Most Popular Styles

Brow Micropigmentation Sounds Great! Are There Other Similar Treatments?

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