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Microblading Certification Canada – All You Need to Know

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Microblading has become one of the fastest-growing industries in North America, and the demand for professional microblading artists has reached its peak in recent years.

If you’re contemplating starting a career in microblading, the first thing you need to do is to find an accredited artist or academy that will teach you all about this amazing procedure and prepare you for your future achievements. 

That’s why we decided to answer all your most important questions about microblading certification in Canada and guide you through the steps you need to take to make your business a glowing success. Let’s get started!

Can Anyone Do a Microblading Course?


The best thing about choosing microblading as your new career path is that you can start from scratch without any previous experience. All you have to do is to find a reputable artist to begin your training!

It’s also important to note that there are no requirements or qualifications needed to enroll in a microblading course. 

You may be coming from a makeup and beauty background, but you could equally be a stay-at-home parent wanting to begin a profitable career, or someone wishing to change their career direction.

Whatever your background may be, the most important thing when starting your microblading career is motivation and a willingness to learn. Confidence will come with the guidance and in-depth training you will receive!

How Do I Become a Microblader in Canada?

In order to get your microblading certification Canada, you first need to begin your training with a reputable artist.

You can easily apply for a live microblading course in Toronto or in Montreal where you will take part in an intensive 2-day workshop and get mentored by PhiBrows Master Ecaterina Cioban. This is the best option for future microblading artists because they will get the chance to practice on live models.

By purchasing a PhiBrows course, you will actually learn two eyebrow drawing techniques – a manual hairstrokes technique and a machine shading technique.

As an added bonus, you will get 6 months of continuous online support via the Craft Master App which will help you expand your microblading knowledge.
The most important part of your training is obtaining a Phi Academy certificate of attendance, after which you will be able to start your own business and earn your spot on the Phi Artist World Map.

Where Can I Get My Microblading Certification in Canada?

You can attend a live course in major cities in Canada, namely Toronto and Montreal.

Microblading Certificate Toronto

If you want to get a microblading certification Toronto is one of the best places to look. PhiBrows microblading courses are held relatively frequently in Toronto. You can get your PhiBrows certificate with Master Ecaterina Cioban, just make sure you reserve your spot on time.

See the dates of upcoming courses on this page.

Microblading Certificate Montreal

Montreal is Master Ecaterina’s hometown and it’s where she holds her PhiBrows course most often, so you can choose dates that fit into your schedule. You also have the option of taking the course in French, if that’s your mother tongue.

After finishing your English or French microblading certification course with Master Ecaterina, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance after which you will be able to begin your microblading career. 

See the dates of upcoming microblading courses in Montreal here.

Microblading Certification Online

If you, however, have a busy schedule or are a stay-at-home mom and just can’t find the time to attend live classes, don’t worry – you can choose to do your microblading training online with Master Artist Ecaterina. The online microblading course with certificate is just as informative, but it lacks practice on a live model.

Which Other Microblading Certification Do I Need?

During a procedure like microblading that entails breaking the skin, there is a potential risk of your clients getting exposed to bloodborne diseases like Hepatitis B, C, and HIV.

That’s why bloodborne pathogens certification training is a very important step for anyone who comes in contact with blood and body fluids. It covers the procedural practices for the prevention of disease and infection, and you should take it before or after you get your microblading certification.

As a future practicing technician, it is up to you to provide safe and sterile conditions for your clients, and opting for a CPCP certificate (Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional) from the SPCP over the course of your career will put you on the map of trained and credible artists and ensure your client’s that their safety truly comes first.

Is a Microblading License in Canada Necessary?

In the permanent cosmetic industry in Canada, there is no governing body that dictates requirements or safety standards for cosmetic procedures, so having an eyebrow tattoo license isn’t necessary for all provinces.

If you want to open your microblading business in Alberta and Manitoba for example, you will need to get a license first, but this doesn’t apply to provinces like British Columbia, Quebec, or Saskatchewan.

As rules and regulations are prone to change, it’s best to consult your local health authority to get the most precise information on obtaining an eyebrow tattoo license.

So, Is Getting Certified in Microblading Worth It?

Getting a microblading certification can open up so many doors for anyone interested in making permanent makeup their dream job.

By partaking in microblading certification training, you will obtain a new set of skills, plus the knowledge and understanding of how to achieve the perfect brow look for every client. 

Not only that, but you will get to be your own boss, develop your own schedule and create the ideal work-life balance that your previous job lacked. 

It is also worth mentioning that due to popular demand, microblading has become a very lucrative career in Canada, so by getting your microblading certification in Canada, you are actually investing in your future income.

Good luck, bonne chance!