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Microblading Advertising And Beauty Promotion

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How to turn each client into an advertisement of your skill?

One of the greatest things about being in the beauty industry is the ability to turn any client into an advertisement of your skill, and your business.

If you are thinking about getting microblading certified, or you are already serving clients, you’ve probably experienced clients bragging about the service they received.

Or you’ve at least came across Instagram profiles with dozens of thousands of followers, that gain great traction thanks to showcasing their skills.

As the time passess by, beauty artists tend to get more and more clients coming from referrals, and the reputation they’ve built.

It’s not a 3-day process, but it’s fun, inspiring, and definitely worth the effort.

Why is it important to advertise your microblading work?

When the world caught on a microblading trend, finding a great microblading artist wasn’t easy. There were not as many artists as today, so the competition wasn’t as stiff.

Today, there are more excellent microblading artists, and it might seem difficult to stand out. Even though it’s not impossible (even nearly), it is still an endevour.

Microblading advertising - Use the power of social media

In today’s digital world, customers and buyers spend 83% of their time gathering information about the service or a product, and only 17% talking to the service provider (according to Gartner).

This means that 83% of their time, they are trying to find information and draw conclusions on their own.

It’s important to mention that this data is relevant for Millennials, and it’s even more emphasized for coming generations, such as Gen Z.

So where do they collect information?

Social Media Platofms and their network.

The first place where you and your (potential) clients encountered microblading in the first place was probably social media, or some of your friends and family discussed it.

Therefore, showcasing your work and skills is crucial.

Best Steps to Promote Your microblading work – new Blog PhiAcademy

The first step is to take a lot of pictures and videos of your clients

Have you ever heard of a principle “Show, don’t tell”? It’s the best way of transmitting experiences, not purely bragging about your skills.

Even if you had only a few clients, don’t forget to take pictures from different angles.

You can use these pictures for multiple posts, and share a variety of messages.

What’s proven to work best is not just taking pictures of your result, but taking before pictures.

You can easily turn all of these photos into reels, which are booming on Instagram at the moment.

Record your microblading procedures.

There are 3 most important parts of any business, that you should share in order to achieve your full potential:

  •       What you are doing
  •       How you are doing it
  •       Why you are doing something

Even though it’s sounds basic, you wouldn’t believe how many people skip the 2nd and the 3rd.

Recording and sharing your microblading procedures will give an additional boost to your potential clients, since they’ll see how exactly you handle your existing clients, and how the procedure looks like.

You don’t have to record the whole procedure, but 2-3 seconds of each step will be enough.

Take a 2-3 sec video of your clients when they take a look at the mirror for the first time

Taking a look at the mirror for the first time after you’ve had a microblading procedure done is a precious moment. It looks like you breath the confidence in. And it’s one of the most honest smiles.

Capturing that moment only is the best recommendation any client can give you.

You can use this short videos over and over again, and it will differ from client to client.

Just don’t forget to ask for your client’s consent before you publish it.

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Tell your story

Have you ever heard of any world-known celebrity that had a streamlined path to success, that doesn’t have story of ups and downs?

Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Michael Jackson, and many more.

Sharing the story about your journey, what inspired you to become a microblading artist, how you decided to make a change, how satisfied are you with what you have now…it’s all about what makes you unique and authentic.

And it’s what helps your clients and potential clients to emotionally connect with you.


At the beginning, it might be intimidating to talk about yourself and your work

However, this shouldn’t stop you. The more you get used to it, the easier it becomes. You’ve been through a lot to become what you are today, and there’s nothing wrong in sharing it.

Encourage your clients to refer you

It’s true that people like to spread the word when they’ve met a fabulous artist, but our job is to additionally encourage them to do say a few good words about us as microblading artists.

Besides offering an incentive for anyone who refers you, you can create promo materials that you can gift your clients at the end of their treatment.

Make sure you prepare your branded pens, notebooks, bags, face masks, or anything you find appropriate.

Create a selfie corner

Even though your clients come to you because they want the best looking eyebrows, that’s not the only reason.

Your salon is the place where they can unwind, relax, and enjoy in their “me-time”.

In today’s digital age, it’s most likely they will want to share their special moment with their social media followers, so make sure you create an “Instagramic” corner at your salon.

In no time, your name will spread across the social media, and you’ll become fully booked.

Just because you turned your existing clients into an advertisement of your skill.

And if you’d like to get more advice on showcasing your work, creating a network, and advertising your microblading services, make sure to sign up for one of our courses.

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