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How to Become a Successful PhiBrows Artist in Canada

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Being a microblading artist has become one of the most appealing careers for many people. Its perks are numerous – it’s a lucrative business, the investments are usually not high and the skill can be learned in a couple of months.

It’s also a rewarding job – you make people feel better about themselves!

Becoming certified by a prestigious microblading school such as PhiAcademy is something that will open the door to the permanent makeup community for you, so here’s how to become a successful PhiBrows artist in Canada.

Sign Up for a PhiBrows Course

PhiAcademy offers live and online courses. To become a certified PhiBrows artist, you will need to complete one of those courses.

Both courses are suitable for people who don’t have any previous experience with microblading or permanent makeup and know nothing about dermatology and other things. The courses will cover everything from A to Z.

To help you choose a suitable course for yourself, here is what each of them includes.

Live PhiBrows Course

The biggest advantage of a live PhiBrows course compared to the online one is that you get instant support and feedback from the Phi Master/instructor. Besides that, there is the invaluable experience of working on a live model on the second day of the live workshop.

The practical part includes learning how to create microblading hair strokes and patterns on latex. Your instructor is there for you all the time to see immediately how you are doing, to give you instructions, and teach you how to continue practicing at home until your brow hair strokes look perfect.

Upon completing a 2-day live workshop, you will get a certificate of attendance, but that doesn’t make you a completely certified PhiBrows artist.

Live PhiBrows course in Canada

So What’s the Next Step?

A delicate and sophisticated skill such as microblading cannot be taught in 2 days. That’s why PhiBrows students continue their education online.

They get access to the ultimate and specially designed learning app – the CraftMaster app. The app contains videos, images, texts and infographics that will help you gain a solid knowledge base of microblading.

The access is up to 6 months long, but if you work hard and pass all the levels sooner, you can become a PhiBrows artist much sooner.

What Will I Get by Signing up for Live Training?

Besides the perks listed above, by taking a live PhiBrows training you will also get

  • A premium PhiBrows kit with all the tools and materials for learning, practicing and even serving your first clients since the kit is enough for up to 80 treatments.
  • Access to PhiApp, and useful tools such as a measuring brow tool for perfect mapping and creating symmetrical eyebrows as well as a pigment calculator tool to help you find a perfect pigment shade for each client.
  • Unlimited access to Dr. Phi app, for all of additional support and questions.
  • Bonus shading lesson, to expand your service offer.
  • Bonus course 1: Skin Expert, to learn all about skin structure and when the microblading treatment shouldn’t be done.
  • Bonus course 2: Hygiene course, to learn how to keep the proper hygiene in your salon and make sure you work in sterile conditions to keep your clients healthy.
  • Bonus course 3: GMC (Get More Clients course): learn how to expand your microblading business once you become a PhiBrows artist.
  • Bonus course 4: First Class Service: How to communicate with clients and make sure you provide impeccable service they’d be satisfied with and become your regular clients.

Ready to start? Check out our PhiBrows training dates and locations.

sign up for PhiBrows live course


PhiBrows training dates and locations

What About Online Training?

Our PhiBrows online training is perfect for people who are not able to attend a live course for any reason.

However, you depend on yourself and your will and dedication to become a successful PhiBrows artist. The course is comprehensive, detailed and in-depth and enough to learn the skill. But to become successful, you will have to invest a lot of time in practicing and learning.

But don’t worry, you are not left completely on your own. Your Master artist/instructor is there for support and guidance even if you decide on online training.

Microblading training online by PhiBrows Master Ecaterina Cioban


What Do I Get When I Become a Certified PhiBrows Artist?

Once you complete both parts of the training, you become a certified PhiBrows artist. You become a part of the community and get your personal Phi logo as well as a placement on a World Artist Map, among other successful Phi artists.

You will get support and help when starting your own business from other members of the community and especially from your master trainer.

Do I Need a License to Work as a PhiBrows Artist in Canada?

Microblading licensing and regulations in Canada are not very strict, however, they are prone to changes, and can vary from province to province.

Most places require you to complete the Bloodborne pathogens training, and for other requirements, it is advisable to contact the local Health department for all the info.

What After?

After you complete the course, and get your certificate and license, you can start working on starting your own business. If you feel confident enough to work on real skin, you can start looking for models.

You can do a couple of treatments for free, just to build your portfolio i.e. Instagram page and get pictures for the website, or charge them a symbolic amount, just to cover up for the supplies.

When you are satisfied with your work and you see your models are happy, start promoting your services. Connect with the other members of the Phi community to get ideas for promotions and learn useful business and microblading tips.

What after a completed course and microblading certification

Why Stop There?

Becoming a PhiBrows artist doesn’t have to be your ultimate goal. There are a lot of growth opportunities for those ambitious and hard-working. You can climb your career ladder up to the Grand Master Artist!


Never Stop Learning

Learning the microblading business is not a one-and-done thing. There’s always space for improvement and learning new industry secrets. Be an active member of the Phi community, and attend seminars and other gatherings to pave your road to success.