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Ecaterina Cioban

Ecaterina Cioban is on the list of the most successful PhiBrows Masters in the world and the best microblading artist.
She had been working as an esthetician and makeup artist for years, but decided to transition towards a more lucrative career. She did over 4,000 treatments throughout the years, and worked with celebrities.


Overview And Experience

About PhiBrows Master Ecaterina Cioban

As time goes by, her business keeps growing. She now holds the best PhiBrows training sessions worldwide, helping her students build their own successful careers and become as successful as she is.
“Invest in your future! Be ready to conquer the microblading world and build your own empire.”

Path to Success

Ecaterina became a microblading technician in 2016. 6-7 months later she became a Royal artist. Working hard on improving her skills, she became a Master trainer within a year and a half. A few months later she opened her own academy and business, which instantly became a huge success.

Today, her business is thriving. With over 15 employees, it takes her only 4 hours to generate the income she used to make in ONE WEEK!
Ecaterina says: “I just wish I would have made that life-changing decision sooner.”

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